Monthly Archives: January 2009

Oooooh Ahhhhhhh Feels Nice

We went to our first Baby Sensory class today. It was actually (much to my surprise) very good! These things tend to be a bit rubbish and a bit embarrassing with the silly songs but I did enjoy it and think Elsie did too… there were feathers, chiffon, rattles, puppets amongst a host of other things.. and a vast amount of toys to play with and plenty of songs that I actually enjoyed and a wee bit of baby signing.

Of course Elsie fell asleep after about 40 minutes of brain activity but it worked out quite well because Mylo came down from his playgroup for the last 20 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed the teletubbies puppet show performance. Though I can’t say the other parents looked too chuffed when he started charging around the baby play area….. ! He was very good at the end though and was swooshing and rocking and kissing his wee sis. 

Elsie was the youngest there by about 2 months but she was actually about the same size as half the babies. She is definitely a chunky monkey!