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Sleep Training Diary (Day 4)

Well I think I will give up this diary now as I have achieved the objective to get Elsie to sleep on her own. It has worked as she is even now sleeping in her cot for the half hour morning nap she usually has in her buggy.

So the routine is set. Yay!
Morning Nap: 9.45ish for half an hour
Afternoon Nap: 12pm for about 2 hours
Late Afternoon Nap: 3:45 – 4:15
Bedtime: 7pm

She has never liked her dummy either so I reckon we can throw all those out too as she is now using her soft bunny as her soother. I learned that when I forgot to give her it this morning and she shouted. I went back in and gave it to her and she stroked it and fell asleep in about ten seconds. Brilliant!

Sleep Training Diary (Day 3)

Usual Nap in buggy 9:45 – 10:15

Lunchtime Nap: 12:10 Out like a light in cot no crying.. woke up at 12:50 .. a wee moan but fell back asleep until 1:45
Dare I say that the daytime naps could be sorted and we have ourselves a routine?

Usual Nap in buggy 3:45 to 4:15

Bedtime: Alex gave bottle and she was out for the count by 7pm… not a peep from her yet at 11:35pm… I think I will do a dream feed soon.

Dream feed at 12:40
Awake: 3:40 – feed & straight back to sleep… that’s it

She has been feeding lots in the day. Obviously because she is missing out on snacking all night and she has been very very happy and content all day. 🙂

Sleep Training Diary (Day 2)

Well Elsie slept 6:20 until 12:40… her longest sleep yet. She was crying from hunger when she woke.
Woke again at 2:40am Alex gave her bottle and she settled herself in cot no crying
Woke again at 5:20am I breastfed her and first time ever after a feed from me she went back into cot awake and settled herself no crying.
Woke for the day at 7:40

Lunchtime nap 12:10pm: Breastfeed and it is a miracle I put her down in her cot and she has fallen asleep within 1 minute.. a wee moan but not cry. That’s it! I am flabbergasted! It usually takes me half an hour of cuddling in bed with her just to get her to nap for about half an hour. Woke at 1 but just heard her shuffling about and back to sleep then she eventually woke properly at 1:50. Brilliant!

Bedtime: 7:00pm sound asleep in 1 minute in cot after breastfeed. No crying.

Awake: At 10, 1, 3, 5… and awake for the day at 7:40.

I am not that fussed though as she did feed and went straight back down with no crying in her own cot every time and I am not in agony from sleeping in awkward positions….. Lets see what happens Day 3… Are we getting close to weaning?