Monthly Archives: May 2009

Elsie Update @ 6 Months

Elsie is trying her hardest to crawl now. She can get up on one knee and places her foot flat to try to propel herself forward. I reckon any day now. She has mastered backwards and round in circles and gets really annoyed about not going forward.

Sitting is pretty good now but she still falls backwards so can’t leave her.

She has got a really strong grip and actually grabs the cat by fur and skin and drags her. She got hold of Monkey at Monkey Music (quite an achievement as Teach is very protective of monkey) and Teach couldn’t get it off her.. Ha!

She is still a happy happy camper and loves nothing more than hanging out with Mylo her favourite person in the entire world.

Eating is going ok but she gets frustrated at things slipping out her hands so we are doing a combination of self feeding and me stuffing things in her mouth.

She weighs around 20 pounds.

Sleep Crutches

As well as *needing* her PJ Bunny and Shawl to fall asleep she also needs her Big Bruv.

After much worry about Elsie & Mylo sharing a room and one waking the other, imagine our surprise to find that Elsie needs Mylo to sooth her to sleep at night time now.

Last night Mylo was reading books on the sofa instead of his bed and Elsie was in the room on her own. She was one very unhappy baby until Mylo came to bed and started his usual singing himself and chatting himself to sleep.