Monthly Archives: June 2009


Elsie now gets very annoyed at being left to work on her new crawling skill. She has moved on to wanting to stand & would very much like someone to hold her upright all day.

I had enough today of the screeching and carrying on every time I tried to get her to do something other than stand – so I made a quick cup of tea, just to come back and see her standing pleased as punch after pulling herself up using Mylo’s car box. Result!


and so it begins… crawling towards switches and trying to pull things off sofa on top of herself… finding anything and shoving it in her mouth.. time to elsie proof me thinks. I also spy a bit of a commando crawl…

On The Move

Baby was awake lots last night.. found her on her knees at one point. Mixture of cold & obviously learning to crawl forward as opposed to reversing.. as this morning she can *crawl* (belly flop more like) forward..