Monthly Archives: September 2009

What's New?

Crawling has been abandoned.

Elsie is walking everywhere & we really can hear the pitter patter of tiny (well medium sized) feet padding along our floors. It really is astounding how quickly it happens. She was happy as larry crawling super fast around the place only 3 days ago & now that is sooooo yesterday.

Well we are all excited (especially Mylo) who can’t wait to take wee sis out for a walk crunching through the leaves. Autumn is my favourite season & it’s wonderful to have the memories of both my children walking in Autumn. Mylo in Autumn 2007 & Elsie in Autumn 2009. Wonderful!!!


Elsie managed her first steps (3 steps) in airport on way to hol on 27th August, then nothing until we came back yesterday. She took another 3 steps for Daddy and another 2 steps 3 separate times for Mummy.