Monthly Archives: March 2010

100 on the Annoyance Scale.

Elsie’s most annoying habit this week is wanting to put her trousers or nappy on & going crazy & shouting “na na na na na na na na” & refusing to give up the trousers/nappy every time someone tries to help her. Would be ok if she could actually do it!

Elsie Update

I think Elsie is left handed. Well maybe.

Here are a few things Elsie can do & say

She picks up ”My Dad” book & says “Dad”

She “woofs” at dogs & sometimes other creatures like owls!!!??

She says “Bump” when she bumps down stairs.

She says “two” over & over when walking down stairs

She whispers very quietly “shoes, shoes, shoes” over & over again when she tries to put her shoes on

Every drink is “juice”

Her mantra is “ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” when she wants something or doesn’t get what she wants.

She stomps her feet over & over & over when having a strop.

She shakes her head & says “na, na, na”

She takes your hands & makes you dance or makes you clap.

She laughs hysterically & calms down instantly (if in a strop) when Mylo shows her his belly button.

Her current favourite foods: Cheese, Broccoli,Avocado, Melon, Houmos, Smoked Salmon. Oh & she is a Ketchup with chips girl. How strange, the only one in the family. She does love Mayo too, though.

She beats away books until you finally hit on her current favourite.