Monthly Archives: July 2010

Pee Training Sorted now onto the "Poo Saga"

As the title says think we have cracked toilet/potty training for pee but have moved onto another saga. She uses both potty & toilet now & stays mostly dry. We can go to the park now for couple of hours & she uses the potty when there & stays dry.

Now we are going through a Poo Saga of which I am most familiar with as went through the same saga with Mylo. I am a bit put out as I read that training early is meant to avoid Poo issues…. WRONG!!! 9 hours she needed to go today.. . running about on tiptoes saying “poo, poo” but then doing nothing when she got to the toilet. Not fun as you really need to stay in the house or you are going to be in a big poo pant situation. Also she is so grumpy & uncomfortable there would be no point going out. Anyway needless to say the inevitable happened at 7:15pm but pretty sure she will be traumatised for life after today.. think I am!

Toilet/Potty Update

Still going ok. She is still peeing her pants when we go to park but seems to be ok when in car out & about in buggy etc. Think longest she can hold is 1 hour. She has stopped peeing on the floor so hardly any accidents in the house at all (except when at Granny’s)

Finally, today after 3 hours at it this morning she is happy to sit on her “potty” It looks like a toilet though. We borrowed it from a friend to try for a week before I fork out for something else she will not use. She is not at all interested in the small boots potty we have. Must be too small.

Guess we keep at it. More training this afternoon with the potty/toilet thing. Is better for her to use that as it’s then under her control when she goes & not up to me to take her & put her on the toilet. We know that kids must make the decisions for themselves & I didn’t like the way it was me that was in control of taking her to the big toilet before.